Applying to KLA

The KLA application can be completed online; however, please remember to send in high school transcripts as directed.

Alternatively, a printable version of the KLA application is available for download here: Kuskokwim Learning Academy Application v2021.pdf
KLA Application

The entire application can be completed online. Please fill in the following boxes and click submit when you reach the end of the application. Please be sure to complete the entire application; when applications are left incomplete it can be difficult to know whether or not the student would be successful at KLA. Incomplete applications take longer to process, so please make sure to fill out the entire form and include a copy of your high school transcripts.

I. Applicant Personal Information

First and Last Name: 



Date of Birth: 

Student Phone Number: 

Student Email Address: 

Current Mailing Address: 

Village/City, Zip Code: 

Parent/Guardian Names: 

Relation to Applicant: 

Parent/Guardian Phone: 

Parent/Guardian Email: 

Best Phone Number to Receive Text Messages from KLA: 

Do you have any health concerns?  If yes, how can KLA accommodate you? 

Do you use either drugs or alcohol?  If yes, please explain: 

Do you understand that coming to school under the influence is grounds for immediate dismissal from KLA? 

Do you have a police record?  If yes, please explain: 

Are you currently on probation?  If yes, please explain: 

Are you requesting dorm housing?  (Please be aware that dorm housing is not available to Bethel students)

If no, tell us about who you will be staying with in Bethel:

Name of friend/relative: 

Relation to student: 


Phone Number: 

II. Applicant Past/Present Education Information

If you do not remember your current number of credits, please refer to your high school transcript.

Current Number of Credits: 

Current Grade Level: 

Are you currently enrolled in school? 

If yes, which school? 

If no, which school did you most recently attend? 

School Social Worker or Guidance Counselor: 

Approximately how many days of school did you miss last semester? 

Can you commit to missing less than four days of school each quarter? 

Do you understand that missing more than 4 days of school per quarter (unless arrangements are made in advance) can serve as potential grounds for dismissal from KLA? 

Why do you want to attend KLA? 

Please list all of the high schools you have attended: 

Are there any classes in which you need additional support? 

If yes, which class(es): 

Do you have any special schedule considerations/needs? 

If yes, how can we support you? 

Do you have an IEP (Individualized Education Program)? 

III. Interest Profile

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences.

Why do you want to attend KLA? 

What do you look forward to the most at KLA? 

What do you look forward to the least at KLA? 

What strengths can you bring to KLA? 

What else would you like to share about your story to help us get to know you? 

IV. References

Please provide the information of three references. They can be teachers, school counselors, principals, coaches, school staff, employers, etc. References should be adults that are able to talk about the student's current school behavior and be able to talk about what they feel the student needs to be successful at KLA.

Reference #1


Relation to Applicant: 

Phone Number: 

Reference #2


Relation to Applicant: 

Phone Number: 

Reference #3


Relation to Applicant: 

Phone Number: 

V. Transcripts

Contact your current or previous high school and ask them to provide you with your transcript. This will give us further information about how to better meet your needs if accepted to KLA.

There are multiple ways you can submit your transcripts with your application:

  • Email electronic copies of your transcript to the KLA Site Administrator at
  • Fax copies of the transcript to KLA at (907) 543-5603
  • Drop off transcript in person at the KLA office in Bethel

Please be aware that transcripts must be submitted in order for applications to be processed.

VI. Signature(s)

To the best of my knowledge, all of the information included in this application is complete and correct. I am aware that providing inaccurate information on this application could potentially be cause for nonacceptance to the program or removal from KLA.

Applicant Signature (type full name): 


Parent/Guardian Signature (if applicant is under 18): 


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